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Escort in Hamburg, the gateway to the world, with nearly 2 million inhabitants, the second largest city in the country, has become in recent years a real tourist attraction.

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„Hamburg ich liebe dich (I love you)“, someone has sprayed down by the Elbe. The dialect makes it clear that the unknown admirer is from Berlin. A declaration of love in concrete down by the port.

In chocking pink, green, blue and black from a spraycan. The from is new, the love old. In the 1920th the famous Berlin theatre critic, Alfred Kerr ( 1867-1948) wrote that Hamburg was without a doubt the finest city in Germany.

And in the nineteenth century the composer Robert Schumann, who came from the Rheinland , set Heinrich Heine´s Hamburg poem „ Lovely cradle of my suffering-…“ so beautifully to music that this declaration of love still touches audiences all over the world.

A Metropolis with tradition and versatility

The Alster, the Elbe and the canal, the wide-open sky and the port with vessels from all over the world make Hamburg a metropolis which tempts one to enthuse about it time and again.

Especially as in recent years the city has gone to great lengths to look good. Both young and old who live here are aware of what Hamburg offers them. For everyone else, the city of port, commerce, media, fashion, culture and also art in now s highly attractive place to visit.

Since the fall oft he Berlin Wall in November 1989 the metropolis on the confluence of Alster and Elbe has once again attracted visitors from all points of the compass- including some uninvited guests from far-off places who make a nuisance of themselves in and around the famous red-light district of St. Paul.

The port of Hamburg is a gateway to the world!

The port is an economic mainstay of the city, a turntable for goods from all over the world, Hamburg s biggest employer with 15000 jobs directly or indirectly dependent on it, and is gateway to the world.

However the port is not just a place for large-scale money making, but a grand showplace for strong emotions and sensory impressions. The port is a place where wanderlust and homesickness meet.

The hearts of the spectators on the Landungsbrücken pontoons beat faster as the launches plough through the grey waters of the Elbe, as the ground beneath their feet rises and falls, as old- fashioned lighters are pushed past, ab inland vessel chugs by with washing hung out to dry on its deck, a yacht valiantly steers through the choppy water, a vessel piled high with containers looms into view on the horizon or a floating crane swims along.

Generations of cranes lined up on the quayside of the 72 square kilometres of dock-one tenth of the total area of Hamburg tell industrial history. Innumerable cranes shape the intricate, photogenic port skyline.

Many have long since been overtaken by technological progress. The future is on the container wharves , where a gigantic vessel is unloaded in the space of a few hours, gibing its crew just six hours of shore leave. The tugs pull the vessel away from the quayside so that it embarks punctually on its scheduled voyage to Asia, Africa or America.